Tecno Mobile Launches TECNO SPOT — An Online Community For Users

Tecno mobile has taken its user support to the next level with the launch of its new online community‘Tecno Spot.
Tecno spot was officially launched on the 1st of March and it is more than just an online community.

Tecno spot is just like Infinix’s X Club.

It aims to inform and entertain not just tecno users but anyone using an android phone, though the name might sound like it was created for just tecno users but the site offers more than just support for Tecno users.

Tecno spot

Tecno spot has different sections; There is one for HiOS, Tecno’s all new customized version of the android OS. The HiOS would be seen on Tecno’s coming device, Tecno Boom J8.

There is also a PRODUCTS section which has a sub section for the main Tecno phone line;

  • Camon
  • Phantom
  • Boom

The General section talks about every other thing from general tech news to tips and tricks to get the best out of your device and every other thing ‘techy’.

The need to visit Carlcare to fix every little issue on your device has been greatly reduced as Carlcare service agents are also part of the community and they are ready to help with any issue you might be having with your device.

Tecno spot is currently available in Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, Egypt and Ethiopia.

Visit Tecno Spot Now


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