Tip To Save Your Battery And Data

With the current epileptic state of power in Nigeria and the exorbitant prices of data plans, there is need to save your battery and keep your data consumption to the lowest minimum.

AVG, An Antivirus maker recently released a list of battery draining, data consuming apps that you should probably consider uninstalling from your device.

The Facebook app ranked Number 6 in the list of battery draining apps and Number 1 in the list of data hogging applications.
According to them, Unistalling Facebook from your devices will make them ‘noticeably’ faster and your battery would last a ‘bit’ longer.

Knowing that no one would want to remove Facebook app from their devices, I came up with a way to walk around it.

All you have to do is Unistall the regular Facebook app and install the lighter version of FACEBOOK LITE.

Not all does this increase your phone’s speed and save your battery, it also uses less storage space as the app is just 554KB.

If you check my phone, you would not see the Facebook app, just Facebook lite.

How save data and battery on android

The user interface of the Facebook lite may not be as good as the regular Facebook app but it does the job well and it’s still in blue and white colours like the normal Facebook app so I guess that should be manageable… LOL
One other added advantage of using the Facebook Lite is that you don’t have to separately install Facebook messenger app to send messages as you normally do on the regular Facebook app because you can directly send and receive messages with Facebook lite.

So….. Save your battery… Conserve Your Data … Install Facebook lite today!


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