YouTube, is introduces a messaging / chat featuree

While we are being faced with apps and services introducing new features, the number one video sharing site, YouTube, is introducing a messaging / chat feature on it’s platform too.


Sounds cool yeah? Well, YouTube understands that most people tend to use other mediums in discussing a particular video and as such, they are introducing a messaging feature on the app to keep them clued to the app.


The whole idea is basically to have people sharing and watching more videos including being able to discuss about a particular video via the chat feature instead of the comment session or instead of using other social networking medium which is good business for both YouTube and video creators.


Although the feature is currently being rolled out to the YouTube, app it is currently available to a few and should be available to others in due time as more people use the feature through invites.


When you get the update, you should be able to find a messaging tab which should aid you in keeping track of conversations and friend groups you created.


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