How To Subscribe To Glo 1GB For N100 Data Plan

Some people might have gotten the official text from Glo about this data plan. But if you are yet to receive the text, kindly read along.

Below is the text message Glo sent.

“Get it easily, 1GB for N100 valid for 15 days! Write 1 and reply, enter online world with this tremendous data bundle. Glo Unlimited!”

Its working and blazing perfectly well.

Step1: To get this bonus data from glo, make sure you have N100 or more on your glo line.
Step2: Sms 1 to 8070
Step3: Wait for some time and you should get a success message like this;

“Dear Customer, your 1 GB data bundle has been successfully activated or any amount of data given to you.

Step4: Confirm your data by dialing #122*22#.

NOTE: If you try to browse and it didn’t connect or surf, don’t worry, kindly sms PAYU to 127. The sms is free, so don’t worry for extra charges.
NOTE:- This plan is only valid for 15 days or 7 days depending on the message you received. This is not a tweak, it’s an official data plan from Glo. It’s just a way to reward us their customers.


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