WhatsApp To Add GIF Support Soon

Over the years, use of emojis have proved to be a better way of sharing expressions. Virtually every social app supports emojis and Facebook recently launched more emojis on it’s platform.

GIFs on the other hand, tend to translate to different things. It is most often at times, considered as the best way to have communications on the internet.

If typing isn’t really much of your thing and use of emojis is becoming boring to you, GIFs could be the answer to having a more lively conversation.

Facebook currently supports GIFs and they work better through the use of URLs (links). WhatsApp will be having same feature on-board pretty soon.

The new feature was first sported on @WABetainfo, a Twitter account that keeps track of changes in the WhatsApp beta update. The account stated that WhatsApp version will automatically embed GIFs from links into conversations and Auto-Play them just the same way Facebook works with GIFs.

Unfortunately, GIFs will only Auto-Play via links. Directly sharing GIFs will display it as a simple image.

Although no specific word as to when the update will be made available on the platform, what’s important is that the feature will be hitting WhatsApp soon as it is currently in beta stage.


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