How to track Microsoft Windows Phone

Windows Phone is a mobile operating system device developed by Microsoft and powered by sophisticated components with the one of the latest technology builds. However, tracking of windows cell phones can be very easy, and with just few steps ahead, your lost or stolen windows cell phone location is reported to you.
In this guide, I will quickly brief you guys on how to easily track Windows cell phones using Find My Phone.
Guide: Track Windows Cell Phones using Find My Phone
Just as it is in iPhone tracking, you go to their official website and make use of their Find My iPhone web tool, same goes for Windows Phone.
Simply go to Windows Phone official website (Microsoft)and from the top-navigations, you get various options just as seen in the image below.

Select the “Device” category from that top navigation menu and select the “Phone” option.

Once you’ve selected the “Phone” option, a drop-down menu will be shown to you, simply select the “Find My Phone” option from the drop-down menu.

Finally, you’ll be prompt to sign-in your Microsoft account associated with the lost or stolen Windows Phone. Simply sign-in, and you’ll be provided with the map and location of your windows cell phone. You can also perform actions like Erasedata, Lockdevice or Ringloud from their site.
That’s it on how to track windows cell phone.
Hope this brief guide helps? If you’ve any issue in regards to your Windows Phone devices, feel free to let me know via comment section, and don’t forget to share this articles with friends.

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