Hangout For Android Gets Video Messaging Support

Two years after hangout for iOS got the video messaging feature, Google has finally rolled out the video messaging feature on the Android version of Hangout.

Basically, the video messaging feature on hangout isn’t a video calling service like Skype (it already has the video calling feature locked down). However, it does pretty much what it’s intended to do. And that’s the ability for users to record and send videos to other users.

While that sounds interesting but isn’t new, the video feature on hangout is limited to one minute in duration. Not only can you record and send videos, users can equally send already recorded videos which could mean videos from the device’s gallery.

Although the feature isn’t too late (maybe), the feature is quite odd in the sense that, Google usually rolls out new features on its Android platform before iOS. And Android users had to wait for over 2 Years before getting a feature that’s been on iOS version of a Google app.

Months before, the hangout version on iOS could only record and send 10 second videos but that was upped a few months back to a minute. Same video length Android hangout users can utilize now.

As a consolation, the iOS version of Hangout can only record and send videos in 360p quality while Android users can record and send in 1080p FHD quality.

Another news worthy of mention is that Google recently unveiled two messaging apps; Allo (hello) and Duo. One being an assistant app and the other being a video calling app. Hence, Hangout for Android just getting video messaging support may not be much of a biggy. But then again, it’s better late than never.


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