Download And Install Pokemon Go On Your Android SmartPhone

Pokemon Go is really trending all over the world and online especially to the Technology lovers.
This Application is current trending game for all the Pokemon fans and game lovers. I have decided to share this trending and amazing thing to our readers and internet users who wants to play this game.

Pokemon Go

What you need to Know;

  • This game is quite different from the previous Pokemon games.
  •  It requires an internet connection.
  • It runs on gray-scale sensors on your Android device.
  • If you want access this game completely without any issues then your Android phone should be at least 2GB RAM.
  • It might not work in some devices due to GPS compatibility issues.
Features of Pokemon Go
  1. A different concept, which is completely new for any gaming lover. You camera plays a major role in playing this game.
  2. Your Incarnation will move when you’ll be moving.
  3.  It consumes very less data, though it runs on internet connection.
  4. No root require din your phone to play this game.
  1. The game requires a very good fast paced internet connection to completely work.
  2. Sometimes your incarnation doesn’t move properly.

How to Download and Install Pokemon Go in your Android device.

  • Download and install Pokemon Go App HERE
  •  you’ll open the Application and you’ll get the installation blocked warning.
  • Don’t worry the game will work. Now all you have to do is click on settings and then click on unknown sources.
  • Then, all you have to do is install the Application once again and open the application.
  • Now, enter your details and click on submit button.
  • Now, but make sure that internet connection and GPS is on and then start playing and enjoying the game.
  • Now, start moving in your streets to play he game.
Hope this update has enlighten you about the trending Pokemon you have being hearing about… Well I also heard you can earn money from this trend.. Yeh that will be so good!

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