Which SmartPhone Should I Go For?

It has always been such a never-ending struggle when it comes to choosing the right smartphones that meet both your needs and your budget. And the confusion is high when we are asked whether removable battery phones or non-removable is better for our phones. Let’s break this commonly-asked question into smaller aspects to easily compare.

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1. Durability factor: Removable battery phones win

Personally, durability is the factor I value the most when choosing a smartphone, or a smartphone battery. Imagine your smartphone (which is not waterproof) falls into the water. The fastest way to save it is to immediately take out the battery and dry it out. In this case, removable battery phones clearly lead the game. Another situation to take into consideration is a ruined battery. After a certain time of usage, your smartphone battery life decreases considerately. And if you are not ready to buy a new one, changing the power cell could solve the problem. On tech forums, users and experts are even claiming that, many companies nowadays go for non-removable when producing their mobiles in order to boost sales record.

Unfortunately, users of non-removable battery smartphones know the pain when similar accidents happen. They have to either be super cautious with water damage, or apply all the tips to keep the lifespan as long as possible. However, they do have their own strength in this battle: non-removable batteries are far more dust resistant than its counterpart. Also, many people love the appealing slim body those smartphones have when the battery doesn’t take much place.

2. Overheating and frozen problems: removable battery phones win

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Back in the days when most mobiles are removable battery phones, we all remember the instruction “In case of any heating problem, remove your battery”. This way, you can let the power cell chill down a bit before having it work again. In addition, when your mobile falls into to “force to stop” or “frozen” states, which happens quite frequently, casually removing the battery can save the day. With a non-removable machine, although you can switch off and restart, it is far less effective than taking out the cell.

3. Reselling matter: removable battery phones

Similar to the first factor, a removable battery phones get easily replaced when old or damaged. This makes these mobiles more possible to sell, even at a higher price. The explanation for this is clear: a second-hand buyer would prefer to have a decent machine that can work a for a certain amount of time without having to worry about recharging. This also assures them that, as long as the processor still runs smoothly, battery is a solvable issue because you can always buy a new one any time its performance starts to reduce.

That being said, considering these 3 most common aspects of a power cell, removable battery phones clearly have more advantages than its counterpart. The only drawbacks we found are dust resistant and not-so-slim design. As a user, which among the two would you prefer to choose for yourself?


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