Glo & Etisalat Free Browsing Via Stark VPN Settings

Good day fans, well I know this might not be your first time of hearing about Stark VPN, and seriously if it is then you have really missed a lot because this app had been the trending Net freaks ass saver (including my self) and that what makes me to publish an article about it then which you can still Checkout HERE

Today am sharing with you the updated version of the former and a new method unleashed to save you subscription cash!

Latest 0.00k Free Browsing Settings
At first, you have to download Stack VPN APK for your Android… CLICK HERE????????

Glo 0.00k Free Browsing Settings for Stark VPN
Goto your Android phone Apn settings ?? (NOTE: these cheats below are 0.00k, which means there should be no Airtime on your Sim!!!)


Name: JayTechVPN

APN: ntel
APN Type: Tick Default & Supl

Proxy: leave it blank

Port: leave it blank

Username and password: leave itempty

Now ???? launch your Stark VPN
?? Select any Region
?? Select Tweaks, as Glo.

Etisalat 60MB Daily Browsing settings for Stark VPN

???? You can Use Etisalat Default APN settings.

?? Now launch your Stark VPN.

?? Select any Region of your choice. Or auto select region

?? Select Tweaks, as Etisalat.

Now, tap the RED button, and wait for the VPN to connect. It will connect within 10 seconds.

That’s all. Launch your browser and start browsing.

Stay Updated here for more goodies!


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