How to Bypass Factory Reset Protection (FRP) on MTK and SPD Devices With New 2016 Security

Here is just another tutorial on how to bypass Factory Reset Protection (Google Account Lock) on some SPD and MTK devices.
Now new devices are out with updated security patch. Most new devices now will not allow you receive calls or if it does when you swipe and select message it will not take you to message app thus the methods will not work.

To bypass FRP on these type of devices, follow the procedure below

This tutorial assumes that your are the owner of the phone

I’m not responsible for how this tutorial is used

Turn off device and input both SIM cards into the phone then turn it ON

When device is ON, Press Next button then connect to a WiFi hotspot
When you have successfully connected to the hotspot, press back till you reach the Startup page

Now select EMERGENCY CALL and dial any emergency number like 911 or 112

Wait for few secs for it to connect

When it connects, all the icons below will be highlighted

Select Contacts

Contacts app will pop up
Press and hold any contact on screen then select share from the pop up

Use Xender app to share it.

Now you are in Xender, you can transfer, install and Launch Quick Shortcut Maker App

Once done, the rest process is easy

Type in Google Account in the Search Bar

Select Google Account Manager from the list

Under Google Account Manger, scroll down and select the option with Type Email and Password

Now Tap Try to launch it

You will now see Re-type password page

Tap the 3 dots at top right and select Browser Sign-in

Tap OK and sign in your Account(Connect device to a WiFi network)

After a successful Sign-in, you will be faced with Quick Shortcut app interface

Reboot the phone and set it up.


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