How To Install Whatsapp On Your BB10 Device

Sometime last year, Whatsapp announced that it was stopping support for some devices including BB10 devices.
It appears they are keeping true to their word because few days ago, a lot of users reported that they got this message when they tried to open their WhatsApp

“You can’t send messages to this chat because WhatsApp no longer supports this phone”

What this means is that Whatsapp is no longer supported on BB10 devices.

How to install WhatsApp on BB10

However though, one advantage Blackberry 10 has over all the other non-supported devices is its ability to run Android apps hence, this gives you a bit of hope that you can still use WhatsApp on your Blackberry 10 device.

I’m going to quickly guide you on how to install WhatsApp on Blackberry 10 in a few minutes.

How to Install WhatsApp on Blackberry 10 Devices

1. On your BB10 device go to Settings > App Manager > Installing Apps and enable installations from unknown source.

2. Download the latest version of WhatsApp apk.

3. Run and install it on your device

Once the manual settings are completed, your WhatsApp should run normal without seeing the dreadful message of your device not supported.
But if this doesn’t fix the problem, I think its about time for you to upgrade your device to a supported device.


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