MTN NG Share and Sell Transaction Charges Introduced

MTN Nigeria alert its customers about the new development to Share N Sell which will take full effect From Tuesday 31st January 2017, 12.00am, MTN customers will now be charged a nominal fee ???? for using the Share n Sell service allowing customers transfer credit from one MTN line to another.

The details of this change are as found below;

  • All Share N Sell transactions performed by customers will now attract an applicable transfer fee.
  • Customers will still be able to perform share n sell transactions but will pay a transfer fee for the service.
  • The fees vary depending on the value of the transaction.


Q1. Anytime I want to transfer credit or airtime, how much will I be charged?

Q2. Is the transfer fee fixed irrespective of the amount I want to transfer?

  1. The amount of transfer fee charged on share and sell transactions is not fixed but is dependent on the amount of credit or airtime to be transferred at any particular time.

Q3. Before being charged for each Share and sell transaction, will I be informed of the exact transfer fees to be deducted?

  1. Yes, customers will be informed of the exact transfer fee to be deducted anytime they initiate a share n sell transaction. This transfer fee will be deducted only when the customer confirms or accepts to continue with the transaction after being informed of the amount to be deducted as transfer fees.

The table below shows the applicable transfer fee on various transaction bands:

S/N Transaction Amount(?) Applicable Transfer Fee (?)
1 1-100 1
2 101-500 2
3 501-1000 5
4 1001-5000 10
5 >5000 50

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