How To Disable WhatsApp Calling Feature in the Latest Version

WhatsApp calls could sometimes be annoying and sometimes you feel like throwing your smartphone away and log on Nokia 3310 to avoid such free calls.

People who are idle would always love to call someone freely on WhatsApp

and when you happened to be the person, you would have to stop working to cut their 100s of calls.

The App developer has failed to provide a feature to let users disable the calling feature but we are presenting you with simple means to disable the calling feature.


1- Open the app
2- Go to Settings
3- Notifications – Turn all off
4- Chats – turn calling notification off
5- Restart your device

That’s All please don’t forget to Share with friends who are struggling to turn OFF this feature.


How To Install Whatsapp On Your BB10 Device

Sometime last year, Whatsapp announced that it was stopping support for some devices including BB10 devices.
It appears they are keeping true to their word because few days ago, a lot of users reported that they got this message when they tried to open their WhatsApp

“You can’t send messages to this chat because WhatsApp no longer supports this phone”

What this means is that Whatsapp is no longer supported on BB10 devices.

How to install WhatsApp on BB10

However though, one advantage Blackberry 10 has over all the other non-supported devices is its ability to run Android apps hence, this gives you a bit of hope that you can still use WhatsApp on your Blackberry 10 device.

I’m going to quickly guide you on how to install WhatsApp on Blackberry 10 in a few minutes.

How to Install WhatsApp on Blackberry 10 Devices

1. On your BB10 device go to Settings > App Manager > Installing Apps and enable installations from unknown source.

2. Download the latest version of WhatsApp apk.

3. Run and install it on your device

Once the manual settings are completed, your WhatsApp should run normal without seeing the dreadful message of your device not supported.
But if this doesn’t fix the problem, I think its about time for you to upgrade your device to a supported device.

Android 7.0 Nougat Update Coming To Infinix Note 3 Pro

Upgrading smartphones to the Latest version is just…. Beautiful!
I remember when I updated my Infinix Hot Note from 4.4 kitkat to 5.1 Lollipop, it was amazing because it felt like I got a new phone… New features, new look, everything felt new.

From what I’m hearing, it seems the latest Android version which is Android 7.0 Nougat would be coming to Infinix Note 3 Pro soon.

Infinix Note 3 Nougat update
Infinix Note 3 Nougat upgrade

I believe, this is a sign that other Infinix devices might soon get fresh system updates. So if you are using an Infinix Note 3 Pro, get ready to welcome Android 7.0 Nougat into your device.

Infinix Note 3 7.0 upgrade

Now, I dont know if the 7.0 update would be available for the regular Note 3 or if it’s for the pro version only but we have to cross our fingers and see what happens.

How to Bypass Factory Reset Protection (FRP) on MTK and SPD Devices With New 2016 Security

Here is just another tutorial on how to bypass Factory Reset Protection (Google Account Lock) on some SPD and MTK devices.
Now new devices are out with updated security patch. Most new devices now will not allow you receive calls or if it does when you swipe and select message it will not take you to message app thus the methods will not work.

To bypass FRP on these type of devices, follow the procedure below

This tutorial assumes that your are the owner of the phone

I’m not responsible for how this tutorial is used

Turn off device and input both SIM cards into the phone then turn it ON

When device is ON, Press Next button then connect to a WiFi hotspot
When you have successfully connected to the hotspot, press back till you reach the Startup page

Now select EMERGENCY CALL and dial any emergency number like 911 or 112

Wait for few secs for it to connect

When it connects, all the icons below will be highlighted

Select Contacts

Contacts app will pop up
Press and hold any contact on screen then select share from the pop up

Use Xender app to share it.

Now you are in Xender, you can transfer, install and Launch Quick Shortcut Maker App

Once done, the rest process is easy

Type in Google Account in the Search Bar

Select Google Account Manager from the list

Under Google Account Manger, scroll down and select the option with Type Email and Password

Now Tap Try to launch it

You will now see Re-type password page

Tap the 3 dots at top right and select Browser Sign-in

Tap OK and sign in your Account(Connect device to a WiFi network)

After a successful Sign-in, you will be faced with Quick Shortcut app interface

Reboot the phone and set it up.

How To Tag A User Using WhatsApp New Group Feature!

Hope you have heard about the trending new feature by WhatsApp?


Yeah right! Well earlier this year, we had a post to inform our users/fans about some features that are available on Facebook and possibly might also be present on Whatsapp since it is owned by Facebook founder and Ceo (Mark Zuckerberg).

Well am going to show more review about this trending feature… and expect more Facebook features to be available on whatsapp soon

NOTE: This new feature is available on latest WhatsApp app for all devices so if you haven’t updated your whatsapp to the latest version, I will advise you to do so to enjoy this features.
Android user? CLICK HERE to update your device whatsapp.
iOS user? CLICK HERE to update.

To tag simply enter a group chat and type @ symbol.
Then choose participants from the contacts that will pop out or you can tag multiple contacts in a single message.

It also works with both Saved contacts And Unsaved Contacts, but Make sure you all are part of the same group chat.

If you use smiley with the message it won’t work so while sending such messages that include name, avoid smileys/emoticons!

Tip To Make Your WhatsApp Group More Lively

Recently, Whatsapp groups seem to be the trend. Everybody has one, every class at school, groups at churches, groups at organisations, blogs, I mean almost everybody has awhatsapp group. 

Whatsapp groups can be fun sometimes but other times they are so boring and dry that you almost forget they even exist. At times like these, we resort to playing games or doing some other thing just to make the group lively.

In my post today, I will show you how you can make your whatsapp group fun.

To do this, add +91 94459 50640 to your group.
The contact is a whatsapp bot that helps in making whatsapp groups lively, what it does is that it hosts games like JUMBLE where you are to form words from a given list of letters.
To play the game, send JUMBLE in the group. Everyone in the group can participate and the end of the game, the top players would be announced.

How to make whatsapp group lively

You can also play a quiz game, to do this send GK.

You can also easily access Wikipedia from the group, just send Wiki then the word you want to look up. Then the bot would give you information about the word.

How To Resume Failed Downloads On UC Browser

Today I will guide you on how to resume expired link in the UC Browser. It is very simple and 100% working. I always use this trick when I got link expired error in UCBrowser. I hope this post helps you.

UC Web


Step 1: Goto File Manager > UC Downloads > Then Find Your Downloading File And .tmp File Just Below Your Downloading File.

Eg: I’m Downloading Temple Run.apk And It Fails At 53%. So Now I Need To Goto File Manager > UC Downloads > And I Have To Find the File Named Temple Run.apk And Temple Run.apk.tmp Files.

Step 2: Now We Have To Move Those Files From UC Downloads Folder To Any Other Folder.

Step 3: Then Again We Need To Open UC Browser App And We Have To Delete Tekloaded.apk File From Downloading Files.

Step 4: Now We Have To Download Same File Again From The Same Link For A Minimum Of 2-5% And Pause It.

Step 5: Then Again Goto File Manager > UC Downloads > Now Delete Those Two Files [Downloading File & .Tmp File]

Step 6: Now Goto Folder Where You Moved First Two Downloading Files And Move Them Back To UC Downloads Folder.

Step 7: Now Open UC Browser App Again And Goto Download Manager And Resume Your Download.

I hope it helps!?