How To Disable WhatsApp Calling Feature in the Latest Version

WhatsApp calls could sometimes be annoying and sometimes you feel like throwing your smartphone away and log on Nokia 3310 to avoid such free calls.

People who are idle would always love to call someone freely on WhatsApp

and when you happened to be the person, you would have to stop working to cut their 100s of calls.

The App developer has failed to provide a feature to let users disable the calling feature but we are presenting you with simple means to disable the calling feature.


1- Open the app
2- Go to Settings
3- Notifications – Turn all off
4- Chats – turn calling notification off
5- Restart your device

That’s All please don’t forget to Share with friends who are struggling to turn OFF this feature.


WhatsApp To Introduce An ‘Edit’ And ‘Unsend’ Feature Soon

The year, whatsapp has seen a lot of impressive upgrades ranging from Zip file sharing and call-back support, to GIF support to the most important VIDEO CALLING! which a lot of people are still enjoying.

It seems yet another update will soon be unleashed, and it is one feature fast-typers such as me need a lot… I can not count how many times I have sent wrong messages (most times I type without looking at my screen so…). With the new feature I don’t have do what I used to.. Wondering what I used to do? Look at it below…

WhatsApp Unsend feature

New reports suggest that WhatsApp is testing a new feature that allows its users to ‘revoke’ an already sent message, edit it then send it again.

This feature is currently available on BBM and Gmail.
The ‘revoke’ feature is said to have been spotted on WhatsApp beta version on iOS.

While the ‘revoke’ and edit feature is really cool, what is more interesting about the feature is that the ‘recalled’ message will disappear or get deleted from the receivers’ phone too.

Tip To Make Your WhatsApp Group More Lively

Recently, Whatsapp groups seem to be the trend. Everybody has one, every class at school, groups at churches, groups at organisations, blogs, I mean almost everybody has awhatsapp group. 

Whatsapp groups can be fun sometimes but other times they are so boring and dry that you almost forget they even exist. At times like these, we resort to playing games or doing some other thing just to make the group lively.

In my post today, I will show you how you can make your whatsapp group fun.

To do this, add +91 94459 50640 to your group.
The contact is a whatsapp bot that helps in making whatsapp groups lively, what it does is that it hosts games like JUMBLE where you are to form words from a given list of letters.
To play the game, send JUMBLE in the group. Everyone in the group can participate and the end of the game, the top players would be announced.

How to make whatsapp group lively

You can also play a quiz game, to do this send GK.

You can also easily access Wikipedia from the group, just send Wiki then the word you want to look up. Then the bot would give you information about the word.

Updated Facebook Messenger Brings About Instant Video On Android and iOS

Facebook, who recently turned on live feature for most Africa counties, have introduced instant video in it’s Messenger platform.

The Instant Video feature is somewhat similar to the already available and relatively new video calling feature except for the fact that, everything happens on the same screen.

This means that, when engaging in a conversation with someone via messenger, you can simply engage in a instant video chat which allows you see things in real live and still type on same screen.

See the video below for better understanding of what the new instant video on the messenger app entails.

Of course, before instant video can be initiated, both parties needs to be running the latest version of the messenger app. Hence, you should rush down to the app store or play store to update the app.

If for any reason, you can’t find the new feature on the messenger app for Android or iOS after updating, relax. It’d get to you in the following days.

Updated Whatsapp For iOS Now Supports Bigger Size Of Emojis

Last week, there was an exclusive covered about the callback and voicemail features in the Whatsapp for Android. Apart from this, the company also introduced several new features in the last few months. Now the latest iOS version of Whatsapp (V2.16.7) brings one more new features to the app. The emoji that sent alone will be displayed in a bigger size than the text, though this a new feature on Whatsapp, other instant messaging apps already had this feature.
WhatsApp for iOS
While other IM apps also had the sticker, Whatsapp is yet to introduce this new feature. Facebook’s another messaging app like Messenger introduced the sticker for both Web and Apps in 2013 and 2014 respectively. Talking about the new emoji feature, it’s only available to iOS users and there is no information about the availability of this feature for Android users. Facebook had introduced the group voice calls on Messenger whereby we can talk/communicate to 50 or users at a time.


Talking about the WhatsApp, the video calling is said to be available on August or so. We already saw several leaks from almost a year showing the video calling user interface (UI). While the voice calls was first introduced for Android users, the video calling feature might only be available for iOS users on it first launch!
 Earlier this year, the company made WhatsApp free for all by removing the $1 annual fee and also brought the end-to-end encryption.
Well, Kindly download the latest version to enjoy the new features on your iOS device.

Hangout For Android Gets Video Messaging Support

Two years after hangout for iOS got the video messaging feature, Google has finally rolled out the video messaging feature on the Android version of Hangout.

Basically, the video messaging feature on hangout isn’t a video calling service like Skype (it already has the video calling feature locked down). However, it does pretty much what it’s intended to do. And that’s the ability for users to record and send videos to other users.

While that sounds interesting but isn’t new, the video feature on hangout is limited to one minute in duration. Not only can you record and send videos, users can equally send already recorded videos which could mean videos from the device’s gallery.

Although the feature isn’t too late (maybe), the feature is quite odd in the sense that, Google usually rolls out new features on its Android platform before iOS. And Android users had to wait for over 2 Years before getting a feature that’s been on iOS version of a Google app.

Months before, the hangout version on iOS could only record and send 10 second videos but that was upped a few months back to a minute. Same video length Android hangout users can utilize now.

As a consolation, the iOS version of Hangout can only record and send videos in 360p quality while Android users can record and send in 1080p FHD quality.

Another news worthy of mention is that Google recently unveiled two messaging apps; Allo (hello) and Duo. One being an assistant app and the other being a video calling app. Hence, Hangout for Android just getting video messaging support may not be much of a biggy. But then again, it’s better late than never.