Newly Launched Nokia 6 Android Device Cracks Walnuts

Whenever you hear the name “NOKIA“, one thing comes to mind… DURABILITY. Long ago, people used to teased that when a Nokia phone hits the ground, the ground breaks.
Although that isn’t true, you’ve got to admit that Nokia phones were really strong.

When I heard that HMD would be handling the production of Nokia phones, I thought they wouldn’t be able to keep up the good name. But it seems they are!

In a new YouTube video, the new Nokia 6 was used to smash a walnut (both the front and back was used) you can watch the video below;

The tester in the video used both the front screen and the back casing to attempt to break the walnut and it did break the shell without any damage to the Nokia 6’s display or body, not even a scratch.

A few days back, Nokia teased the Nokia 6 as having a military grade body that can withstand a wide range of extreme conditions,such as extreme temperature, high humidity, snow, water etc.

The monster device will go on sale starting from January 19 2017.