Snapchat update lets you create ‘Snapcodes’ for any website, including porn

A new Snapchat update rolled out to iOS users Tuesday makes it much easier to share online content within the app. It allows users to create so-called Snapcodes for any link, which is as simple as manually entering a URL into an entry field.

But the most interesting part of the update is that when Snapchat says you can create a Snapcode for any website, they mean ANY website — even if it’s patently NSFW.

Creating the Snapcodes is a simple three-step process.

  1. Go to settings and select “Snapcodes.”
  2. Select the “Create Snapcode” option.
  3. Enter a URL and press Create.

Like personal Snapcodes, you can personalize the website’s code with an image — the app even searches for pics on the webpage you’re linking to make it easier. Here’s the finished product, which will send you to the byline of yours truly.

From there, the new ‘Code is easy to share with friends via text, Snap or by physically taking a pic of the image.

What really got interesting in our demo of the new feature was when we tested other types of websites. The Snapcode Usage Guidelines don’t mention any blocked sites for the new service — the only restriction is against using copyrighted images for the picture. With that in mind, we checked a few other, less reputable sites.

Everything worked — including Pornhub (no, we’re not including THAT Snapcode here). When asked if there are any content restrictions in place for URLs containing inappropriate materials, Snapchat reps had no comment, but pointed us to Google’s Safe Browsing service, which the app uses to “help warn Snapchatters about suspected phishing, malware, and other dangerous websites.”

Be careful with those new Snapcodes, then — they could lead to anything.


Updated Facebook Messenger Brings About Instant Video On Android and iOS

Facebook, who recently turned on live feature for most Africa counties, have introduced instant video in it’s Messenger platform.

The Instant Video feature is somewhat similar to the already available and relatively new video calling feature except for the fact that, everything happens on the same screen.

This means that, when engaging in a conversation with someone via messenger, you can simply engage in a instant video chat which allows you see things in real live and still type on same screen.

See the video below for better understanding of what the new instant video on the messenger app entails.

Of course, before instant video can be initiated, both parties needs to be running the latest version of the messenger app. Hence, you should rush down to the app store or play store to update the app.

If for any reason, you can’t find the new feature on the messenger app for Android or iOS after updating, relax. It’d get to you in the following days.

New Whatsapp Update Let’s You Quote Messages

Over the past few months, Whatsapp has seen a lot of new features from documents sharing to end-to-end encryption to the addition of bold and italics text format and just yesterday I told you whatsapp would be getting GIF support real soon and now, a new feature that allows you to quote messages have been included.

The new feature is available for both person-to-person chat and group chats. It is quite easy to use.
All you have to do is long-press on the message you want to quote, when  you do this, you’ll see a REPLY button at the top of your screen right next to the STAR icon. Click on it and the message you want to quote will show up and there’ll be a box for you to type your reply.

When you send the reply, it will show up in the conversation with the quoted message attached on top of it, along with the sender’s color-coded name.
This feature is more useful in group chats where a lot of people are chatting all at once so you can easily quote the message you want to reply to avoid confusion.

This feature is currently available on the latest beta version of whatsapp. However non beta testers can download the latest version from apkmirror here.

Whatsapp Update Has Many New Features

The latest beta version of whatsapp has introduced a new feature which allows you to write text in bold or italic format. By adding asterisks on both sides of the word or phrase you can make it bold, i.e *word* would become bold and adding underscores to the word or phrase would make it italic, writing _word_ becomes Word.

There are also some other pretty cool features that have been added they include;

Read More – A new ‘Read More’ feature have been added to whatsapp, this breaks a ‘really’ long message just like continue reading on Facebook.
I think this a good addition, I don’t know if you guys have also noticed that really long messages crash whatsapp. With this, that would be stopped.

Redesigned Settings Menu – The settings on the coming update would also be redesigned and I got to say it looks much better.

Your display picture is now in a circle instead of the square it was in before.

Link Copying – This is one thing I always thought whatsapp was lacking. Whenever you copy a link from a message, you had to first copy the entire message then paste it somewhere else before you can now copy the link and this is too much work. However, in the new update you can easily copy a link from a message by pressing and holding on the link. This saves you a lot of time.

A bit of rearrangement was made in your friend’s profile. Before, when you check your friend’s profile, their status is right under their dp but now, their status is at the bottom.

This isn’t really important but I just thought it was worth mentioning.

Well, that’s all I could notice in the coming whatsapp Update. If you love this new features and you want to get the update, you have to Register as a whatsapp beta tester that way, you get to test new whatsapp updates before it is generally released for other people to install. Pretty cool right?

Register Here for WhatsApp Beta Tester